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SEMI-PRIVATE West Milos Kleftiko cruise

Swim in the inaccessible West Milos beaches, explore Kleftiko and Sykia.
Family-friendly cruise

Enjoy a full-day cruise aboard our spacious 55" sailing yacht NIKI L. and sail the inaccessible West part of the island in style! Swim at the famous beach of Kalogries, enter the cave of Sykia and snorkel in Kleftiko and explore its' magnificent caves with our dinghy. This is a family-friendly cruise on a large sailing yacht with children discounts offered throughout the season.
West Milos
  • Departure: Adamas 10:30am
  • Meeting: Polco location, 15 minutes before departure
  • Duration: 8-9 hours
  • Highlights: Kalogries, Sykia, Kleftiko,cave exploration
  • Max number of passengers: 14-16
  • Available: Daily May to September


Starting from the main port of Adamas at 10:30am, the first part of our trip consists of sightseeing in the bay of Adamantas. We will pass the first Christian catacombs and the colorful villages of Skinopi, Klima, the capital of ancient Milos and where the statue of Venus de Milo was discovered, Areti and Fourkovouni. While you take beautiful photos you can also learn some historical facts and myths about the island, as a part of our guided tour. We will then reach the ‘Arkoudes’, the impressive 20ft bear-shaped rocks at the entrance of the bay to the east.

With the wind in our sails, we will reach Cape Vani. This impressive 30 meter tall rock that marks the west entrance of the bay was home to one of the first mineral mines of Milos. After seeing the old 19th century mines quay, we will have our first swim at the bay of Kalogries in crystal clear turquoise waters.

After our swim and having some fresh fruit, cakes and refreshments we set sail for Sykia, the biggest and most impressive cave of Milos. We anchor in the clear green waters of a bay nearby which used to be a volcano crater. After a quick swim we will take our small motor-boat under a low passage, made of lava rocks, and visit the cave. Inside is a salt lake with crystal clear waters and a small beach, which in combination with the collapsed roof that reveals a patch of blue sky letting the sunlight in, creates a landscape that will leave you speechless. Snacks and drinks will be waiting for us upon our return to the boat.

Finally we reach Kleftiko, the old pirates-lair! This unique complex of white and grey rocks that form arches and caves, in combination with the crystalline emerald green and turquoise waters is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Snorkeling here is an amazing experience…underwater passages, caves and an unsurpassed water clarity allowing you to see as far as the eye can reach! We provide you with masks, flippers and underwater cameras and after a few tips what you can do, let you swim and explore.

Getting back to the boat, refreshments and ice-cold beers or traditional ouzo will be waiting for you and will be followed by a delicious meal. After we eat we take our dinghy and go explore the unique, diverse, beauty of Kleftiko caves and passages and take pictures.
*Cruise itinerary is indicative and can be modified depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain and the passengers.
**In case of strong north winds, we will start the cruise from the south side of Milos. Transfer to and from the port of Adamas is offered and included in the price.
***In case of south winds, we will sail the north side of Milos and visit inaccessible beaches of Kimolos & Poliegos.
*** Cruise organised and operated by Polco sailing tourist office.


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Milos, Adamas, 84800
T: +30 21210 29194
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M: +30 6936 092728 (Pol)
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