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About Us

Polco Sailing is a family-run yacht charter company, founded in 1985 by Nick Lagogiannis, an aircraft and maritime engineer whose love for sailing made him give up engineering for the sea. The company was based in Athens and rapidly grew to a fleet of 8 monohull sailing boats.

In 2002, we discovered Milos and instantly fell in love with the island’s beauties. We then started organizing daily semi-private tours and private boat tours and cruises to Kleftiko and the nearby islands of Kimolos and Poliegos as well as multi-day skippered charters.

Since 2012, the company is under the management of Pol Lagogiannis, Nick’s son, who moved the company base permanently to Milos and made it the islands’ leading cruise operator. In our first 21 years of cruising around Milos, we have over 70,000 satisfied customers!!!

With two Lagoon catamarans, three monohull sailing boats,  a 10-meter motorboat, and professional skippers and crew, our aim is to provide high quality and personalized services and make cruising a relaxed and enjoyable experience.


At Polco, your satisfaction comes first. We treat our guests as we would like to be treated, with love and respect. Our cruises are original and fun.


Small groups

Nobody likes being in a crowded place. On our day cruises, we only take up to 10 passengers in our smaller yachts OR only 18 passengers in our spacious 44′ catamaran and 55′ sailing yacht, a number well below the boats’ registered capacity, so that we can offer you that extra leg space and the personal service POLCO is known for.


A cruise for everyone

Our cruise portfolio includes options for every taste. Whether you want to see everything in a day sailing around Milos and visiting Poliegos, OR you want to take it slow and explore Milos caves with our dinghy. You can also choose either cruise with a sailing boat OR a catamaran!
And for those speed enthusiasts or if time is an issue, our rib is ideal to see things on a half-day cruise.


Sailing and activities

At POLCO we take pride in our sailing. All our skippers are competition sailors and
sailing enthusiasts. Come with us and live a true sailing experience.

But also when we are anchored, explore Milos’s crystal clear waters with the snorkeling gear available aboard or try our Stand-Up-Paddleboarding.



We love a great photo and an amazing video! Our yachts are equipped with the latest GoPro cameras and underwater domes to capture your favourite moments. On occasions, we will also fly our drone to get your photo from above! If you are looking for that great Instagram photo, then we are full of ideas to make your feed special.

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Experienced guides

Milos is an island waiting to be discovered. Our crew are experts on the island so whether you
are interested in its’ history or just
wondering where to have the best fish in town, our crew is happy to help. And if language is a problem, don’t worry…we speak English,
Spanish, and Italian.


Fresh Greek homemade food

We want our guests to feel the famous Greek hospitality to its full extent. That is why our cruises are fully catered with great, always
fresh, homemade food made using the best local products. We also have an open bar with a variety of Greek traditional drinks to get your
spirits up!


logo, company name
logo, company name


POLCO Sailing is all about the people. Our crew is like family to us, being together for many years and each new member embraces our mentality of ‘filoxenia‘ or greek hospitality. Competition sailors and sailing & sea enthusiasts, fun kind people, with excellent knowledge of Milos, their goal is to show their guests a good time. Meet them below.

Pol Lagogiannis

Manager & Skipper

Pol started sailing at the age of 5 and became a professional skipper at 17. He is the manager of Polco sailing but can’t stay away from what he calls his larger office, Kleftiko!

His excellent knowledge of the island and great communication skills, in English, Spanish, French and Italian make cruising with him guaranteed success!

Aggelos Solomos

DANI L. Skipper

Aggelos was initially intented to be our motorboat captain but we soon moved him to our sailing boats so that we could enjoy him in Kleftiko every day! A member of Polco sailing since 2021,  he is an experienced captain with great knowledge of sailing, motor boats, diving, fishing and first aid. Most importantly he has an admirable personality with solid principles, kindness and tranquility. He loves telling pirate stories when visiting Kleftiko caves. A favourite for all kids!

Giorgos Saramantis


It all started with an impressive belly-flop to retrieve a matress from the sea in 2018…  Since then Giorgos has moved from a deckhand to an amazing skipper but mostly has moved deep into our hearts and is an important member of our family. Although the youngest member of our skipper team, his experience and perception of the boats and sailing is admirable. Skilful, safe, kind-hearted and super fun you will be very lucky to sail with him.

Silvan Avdullah

MIA Skipper

Silvan has been with Polco since the far 2017 when he started helping us with the technical maintenance of the boats. He then started being the crew in NIKI and some years afterwards became its skipper. He is very experienced and calm so you will always feel safe having him as your captain. His english might not be that good but he can understand the basics and will bring beers to keep people happy!

Yiannis Kontos


Yiannis  or ‘short John’, which is what his name translates to in English, comes from a family who loved fishing and the sea so the bug was moved on from his father. He joined our team in 2023, starting as crew but as we saw his skills, he was soon promoted to Captain in NIKOLAS. A handy man and a very responsible skipper but above all an amazing guy we love him and will have him sail with us for years to come!

Thomas Kalyvas

NIKI L Skipper

Thomas has been a member of Polco team since 2021 and like many of our crew was promoted to skipper from crew after showing his talent but most of all after winning our hearts with his genuine character and amazing humour. A very funny guy with excellent music taste in any genre. Those that have sailed with him will surely remember him. Guaranteed fun!

Georgina Evaggelinou


Georgina has been with the Polco team since 2022 and we feel extremely lucky to have her.  The cutest hostess (or second captain as she likes to be called) in Milos, she makes our lives brighter with her smile and positivity. She loves to make shrimp pasta and hates germs, that’s why she will disinfect every corner of the catamaran every day 🙂  In the winter she is a talented dancer so look out for her coz one day she will be famous!

Panos Mileounis

MIA Crew

One of our latest additions, Panos was introduced to sailing and boating this year and he has adapted exceptionally well. Hard working, sociable and smiley and a 100% Polco mentality, it feels like he is part of the family for years. A fan of reggae music (he even had dreads) he has a serious party mentality and we are priviliged to have him in our team!

Dina Digka


Those who pick the Round of Milos with the catamaran will have the pleasure of sailing with Dina! A 2023 entry for but here to stay, Dina is the heart of MIA crew and will get in your hearts too with her humour, smile and positive vibes. Dina loves a good beat and downtempo music will put her to sleep as she likes to say. Her BBQ chicken is the best in  Milos!

Yiannis Nikias


The second Yannis of Polco team is been with us since 2023 but is a Milos enthusiast for years. You will find him hosting NIKI guests but he could easily be the skipper there too as he has gained lots of experience through the years. He is fun and always eager to help…drinks are going to be flowing with this guy. In the winter you will find him chasing waves around Greece!

Forrest Longenbaugh


If there were more people with Forrest’s mentality this world would be a better place! Our American friend came for a week to vacation in Milos in 2022 and fell in love with Polco same as we fell in love with him! Our aim is to keep him in Greece for many years to come…maybe even find him a Greek wife 🙂  Fun, smiley, kind and always eager to show people a good time he is a joy to sail with!


Carlotta Lonzano


Our Catalan connection,  Carlotta – or Carlottita as we call her – is one of our latest additions and is the crew in POLICOS. Coming from a career in sales she had no idea how to work the sails! She was a fast learner, though, and she did extremely well in her first year so she is coming back. Adorable, smiley and an excellent hostess and cook, she is a guest favourite.

Stavros Papadopoulos


Stavros is one of the oldest Polco sailing members. He was initially intented to work as crew as he is also a sailor (and a good one) but after starting working in the office ended up being in the heart of our customer relations department. He will reply to your querries, answer the phone and he will greet you when you come to check-in in the morning. Sometimes he goes sailing to get out of the office and offer his hosting skills and humour to our guests.

Chara Liapaki


We needed a girl in the office to put some spark and joy and we found Hara. Her name in Greek actually translates into joy which is also her nick-name. Our girl from Crete is one of the first contact points you can have in Polco as she is the one answering your questions if you send us an email. She also sends out those amazing photos we take on Polco cruises.

Daniel Pena


Our ‘compadrito’, coming from Colombia, started as crew on our boats in 2019 but his shrimp pasta was just to good to offer to one boat only so he decided to share it with all the fleet! He is in charge of setting up Polco menu and cooking our yammee food and tapas. He is also a talented photographer and a very fun guy to hang out with.