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Things to do in Milos


Kleftiko is undoubtedly the top attraction in Milos. The name derives from the fact that this place was used by pirates as a hideout and storming point. This unique complex of white limestone rocks that form arches and caves, in combination with the crystalline emerald green and turquoise waters is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world! The beauty and diversity of Kleftiko caves is something one should not miss. Kleftiko is part of Milos nature park and is only accessible by sea. So, if you only have one day in Milos then this is the place to visit!

Polco Catamaran achored in a bay in Kleftiko Milos
The lunar beach of Sarakiniko in Milos


Sarakiniko is the most famous beach in Milos and one of the most photographed places in Greece. This combination of the unusually smooth white rocks create a lunar landscape that is a rare sight. These unique rock formations are made of volcanic ash and give the water a beautiful turquoise colour. On a calm day or with south winds, snorkelling here is amazing. But be advised, Sarakiniko is not an organized beach, so no umbrellas or sunbeds, and because of the white colours around the sun can be particularly strong so better come early in the morning or later in the afternoon. Adrenaline lovers can also try some cliff jumping here.


Klima is one of the most picturesque places in Milos. It is famous for the traditional houses, called “syrmata”, with distinctive colourful doors and balconies. These used to be fishermen’s residences which also had garages where they would park their boats during the winter. Besides the lovely houses, Klima also has a long history since it was the capital of ancient Milos and the place where the famous statue of Venus de Milo, currently in the Louvre, was discovered. Choose to come here before sunset to admire the beautiful colours or combine your visit with going to the first Christian catacombs and the ancient Roman theatre located close by.

The colourful village of Klima in Milos which we visit on the way back from Poliegos
Tsigrado beach in Milos


With over 75 beaches and a beautiful coastline no wonder Milos has some of the best beaches in the entire Greece. With a variety of sand or pebbles, tranquil and remote or organized with sunbeds and beach bars; no matter what you like you will certainly find the type of beach you enjoy the most in Milos. Check the weather and choose the protected side and just hit the beach. Tsigrado and Firiplaka on the south, all-around Plathiena on the northeast tip of Adamas bay, Firopotamos and Alogomadra on the north are some of our proposals but the options are countless and the hidden gems are there for discovery.


Poliegos is the largest uninhabited island in Greece but home to many unspoilt sandy beaches and bays of sparkling green and blue waters. Undoubtedly the most impressive area is that of Galazia nera, or Blue waters. The transparency and fluorescent blue colour of the sea are beyond words making this one of the best beaches in Greece! Worth visiting is also Faros, a bay on the northeast side of the island, with beautiful green waters, an unspoilt beach and a lighthouse with a beautiful view of the Aegean. Choose our Round of Milos and Poliegos catamaran cruise to visit this island or choose a private cruise with a sailing boat or motorboat and spend a day in paradise.

a pool of water
a sunset over some water


Constructed on top of the hill, Plaka is the capital of modern Milos; A picturesque little village with traditional Cycladic architecture, narrow streets and white houses it is a must-see place. Small shops selling arts and crafts and some great restaurant options can be found here and at the village of Tripiti a short walk down the hill. At Plakas’ very top one can find Kastro, where the remnants of the old Venetian castle and a small church are located. Take the short walk up there just before the golden hour and enjoy spectacular views of the Gulf of Milos and a superb Cycladic sunset with the sun diving into the Aegean Sea.


Located at the southwest part of the island is the area of Paliorema where in 1870 the Milos sulphur mines or Theiorychia started operating. These are the oldest (modern era) mines in Milos and they are a stunning landscape. The mines operated till the late 1960s and where then abandoned. The visitor can see the remnants of the old mines and the miners’ accommodations, large machinery and scattered tools, caves and ruins once warehouses. It is like time travel! You can also enjoy your swim at the small beach surrounded by red and yellow coloured rocks. Note that the road to come here is not an easy one so a 4-wheel drive or ATV is suggested.

The sulphur mines or Theorychia in southeast Milos