Daily sailing cruise

Avoid crowds and enjoy a day out sailing with friends and family

Are you looking for a romantic getaway or a special event, birthday party, honeymoon cruise or even a wedding proposal?
Charter the boat privately, make your own plan for the the day, avoid crowds and spend a dream day at sea with just your loved ones!!
Choose between our 45" sailing yachts for great value private cruises, our 40" catamaran for a more luxurious private cruise or NIKI L, our beautiful 55" monohul which can take up to 18 passengers if your group is larger than 10 persons.
  • Boats: Our private cruises are usually made with our 45" (13,5m) monohulls, GINA L and POLICOS.
    Alternatively you can choose the 40" catamaran or, for event planning and groups larger than 10, NIKI L, our 55" monohull.
  • Route: Choice betweed West/South Milos or Poliegos
  • Max number of passengers: 8
  • Available: Daily, April to October


A private cruise is the perfect way to get the best of Milos! Having the luxury to make your own plan means to be able to avoid crowds which is priceless especially in high season!
Our cruises are normally from 10am to around 7pm. Nonetheless, since you will have the boat to yourselves you can start or return a bit earlier or later if you like.
As per the itinerary and stops you can plan this together with our skipper or just leave it on us since we know how to show our guests a good time. If you have a special preference between sailing Milos or Polyaigos, just inform us and we will make it happen!


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Adamas, 84800 Milos
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