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Located in the Southwestern corner of the Cyclades island group, Milos is a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea ideal for visiting during the summer months. It is a popular destination for tourists as it is still undiscovered to a large extent. With a long coastline of 125 km, multi-coloured cliffs consisting of different minerals, amazing rock formations, a serene environment, and crystal blue and green water, most of its beaches are accessible only by the waterways.

1. One-day Visit:

If you are on a Greek island-hopping holiday and don’t have much time to spare, go in for a one-day tour around Milos with a stop to the island of Poliegos, to visit the cave of Sykia, famous Kleftiko, the beautiful beach of Gerakas and the incredible waters of Galazia nera (blue waters) bay in Poliegos. This will show you the best the area has to offer! Enjoy swimming in the idyllic bays and snorkelling in the clear turquoise, green and blue waters. Make the fullest use of our Catamaran Cruises to get mesmerized by the natural beauty of the island.

2. Family Tour:

The ability to relax and chill with your family with all the necessary safety measures is possible with a Catamaran Private Charter. Be it to organize a party or to spend a day enjoying the clear turquoise water of the Aegean Sea, Polco Yachts is the choice of a large number of Milos visitors every year.

3. Create Special Moments:

Giving a surprise to a loved one, organizing a wedding proposal or celebrating anniversaries or birthdays has become a very popular idea with our Catamaran Private Charter. Imagine this; stealing a day away from the hustle-bustle of the city life and venturing out on the sea on a catamaran managed by our friendly, experienced crew and spending a day or even a night under the starry Greek sky. What better to make a memory special? Send us an email with your thoughts and we will do our best to make it happen.

4. Easy Dine-in:

Hospitality is the key to impress the guests, and this is followed very strictly by the crew on board. One of the primary services provided by Private Catamaran Cruises is the dining experience with food, drinks, and snacks all-included in the price. All the meals are freshly made with locally grown products of the best quality. Local wine is also available and a variety of Milos cheese. Everything is made with the utmost care and love to provide a homely feel to the guests onboard.

5. Easy bookings and Discounts:

Hassle-free bookings and personalized tours can be organized through Catamaran Cruises. Send us your request now!

It is one of the Milos visitor’ favourites to book a Catamaran Cruise for themselves to relax with our friendly staff, personalized services, trained sailors, exclusive packages, and knowledgeable guides. Enjoy a blissful time with their loved ones amid the crystal-clear water around the alluring Milos Island.

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