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Inside the cave of Sykia

Nestled in the azure embrace of the Aegean Sea, the island of Milos beckons with its diverse landscapes, ancient history, and hidden treasures. While time may seem limited, embarking on a day trip to Milos promises a whirlwind adventure that captures the essence of this Cycladic gem. From captivating beaches and dramatic cliffs to historic sites and charming villages, a day trip to Milos is a journey of wonders waiting to be uncovered.

The Marvels Await:

Even though a single day may seem short, Milos packs a punch when it comes to variety and beauty. Your adventure begins with an early morning ferry ride from nearby islands like Santorini or Paros, setting the stage for an unforgettable day of exploration.

Sarakiniko Beach: The Moon-like Fantasy:

As the sun rises, your first stop is Sarakiniko Beach, a moonscape carved by wind and sea over millennia. The surreal white volcanic rock formations contrast against the deep blue waters, offering a dreamlike setting for early morning contemplation. Take a leisurely stroll along the smooth rocks, snap some breathtaking photos, and breathe in the fresh sea air.


Plaka: Where History Meets Charm:

Next, head to Plaka, the island’s capital, where time seems to stand still. Wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with white-washed houses adorned with vibrant flowers. Stop by the charming cafes for a traditional Greek coffee and take in panoramic views of the island’s coastline from the historic castle.

Catacombs of Milos: An Ancient Underground Journey:

Delve into Milos’ rich history by visiting the Catacombs of Milos, one of the island’s most intriguing archaeological sites. These catacombs, dating back to the 1st to 5th century AD, offer a glimpse into early Christianity and provide an eerie yet fascinating experience as you explore the underground chambers.

Lunch at a Seaside Taverna: A Culinary Delight:

No visit to Greece is complete without indulging in its sumptuous cuisine. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a traditional seaside taverna in one of the island’s picturesque fishing villages. Savor the flavors of freshly caught seafood, local cheeses, and delectable Mediterranean dishes while gazing at the endless horizon.

Kleftiko: Mystical Sea Caves and Crystal Waters:

In the afternoon, set sail to the legendary Kleftiko, a collection of sea caves with a history of sheltering pirates and outlaws. Cruise through clear turquoise waters, stopping to snorkel and swim in hidden coves. The dramatic rock formations and crystalline waters create an otherworldly atmosphere, making Kleftiko a highlight of your day trip.

Sunset at Plathiena Beach: A Magical Farewell:

As the day draws to a close, make your way to Plathiena Beach to witness a mesmerizing sunset over the Aegean Sea. The tranquil waters and golden sands provide the perfect backdrop for bidding adieu to Milos in a blaze of colors and emotions.


While a day trip may only offer a glimpse of Milos’ wonders, it’s a day filled with memories that will stay with you forever. From the moon-like landscapes to the ancient catacombs and pristine beaches, Milos’ diverse offerings showcase the very best of the Greek islands. As you board the ferry back, the beauty of Milos will linger, inspiring dreams of returning to explore its many hidden treasures once more.