Cruise 1

Discover Milos

If you have only one day in Milos then this is how you should spend it!

Our star cruise covers half of the island; the inaccessible West and South side of Milos and sightseeing in the bay of Adamantas, making 4 swim stops at the best spots along the way.
The main advantage of this cruise is that it is done in a one way direction - from the main port of Adamantas, where we set off around 10am, to Provatas on the south side where we will drop our last anchor around 7pm (or vice versa). This way we save time from travelling to spend in our stops. Our return is arranged by private transfer, takes only 15 minutes and is included in the price.
A day of sightseeing, swimming, exploring the majestic Kleftiko and the cave of Sykia, sunbathing or just relaxing on the hammock listening to music and having a drink under the boat's shaded area, this cruise will definitely be the highlight of your Milos vacation.

Sightseeing in Adamantas bay

Starting from Adamantas, the first part of our trip consists of sightseeing in the bay of Adamantas. Sailing close to the east coast of the bay, we will pass the first Christian catacombs and the colorful villages of Skinopi, Klima, the capital of ancient Milos and where the statue of Venus de Milo was discovered, Areti and Fourkovouni. While you take beautiful photos you can also learn some historical facts and myths about the island, as a part of our guided tour. We will then reach the ‘Arkoudes’, the impressive 20ft bear-shaped rocks at the entrance of the bay to the east.
With the wind in our sails, we will reach Cape Vani. This impressive 30 meter tall rock that marks the west entrance of the bay was home to one of the first mineral mines of Milos. After seeing the old 19th century mines quay, we will have our first swim at the bay of Kalogries in crystal clear turquoise waters.

West Milos, Sykia

After our swim and having some fresh fruit, cakes and refreshments we set sail for Sykia, the biggest and most impressive cave of Milos. We anchor in the clear green waters of a bay nearby which used to be a volcano crater. After a quick swim we will take our small motor-boat under a low passage, made of lava rocks, and visit the cave. Inside is a salt lake with crystal clear waters and a small beach, which in combination with the collapsed roof that reveals a patch of blue sky letting the sunlight in, creates a landscape that will leave you speechless.

Getting back to the boat, the time is OUZO time! The most famous Greek spirit combined with a variety of Greek homemade tapas is a customary way for Greeks to socialize, make friends and enjoy the summer.

South Milos, Kleftiko

Finally we reach Kleftiko, the old pirates-lair! This unique complex of white and grey rocks that form arches and caves, in combination with the crystalline emerald green and turquoise waters is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Snorkeling here is an amazing experience…underwater passages, caves and an unsurpassed water clarity allowing you to see as far as the eye can reach! We provide you with masks, flippers and underwater cameras and after a few tips what you can do, let you swim and explore.

Getting back to the boat, refreshments and ice-cold beers or traditional ouzo will be waiting for you and will be followed by a delicious meal and desert. After we eat we take our dinghy and go explore the unique, diverse, beauty of Kleftiko caves and passages and take pictures.

South Milos, Gerakas

Leaving Kleftiko we head east towards our last stop. The north winds blowing from the land combined with the absence of waves on the south side, allow us to turn off the engine and go on a beautiful, fast sail till we reach Gerakas bay. This bay - considered one of the islands’ best - is also known as ‘Ammotsoulhthres’, meaning sand slides, and offers a stunning landscape where perlite cataracts forming a white beach and fluorescent green waters. After a short swim we get back to the boat where fresh fruit is waiting for us before we take off.

Our cruise ends in the beautiful tranquil bay of Provatas around 7pm. From here we get back to Adamantas by private transfer, arranged by us, in just 15 minutes.

Cruise 2

South Milos & Kleftiko

For those windy days...

Those who have visited the Cyclades, are familiar with the ‘meltemi’; this northerly wind blows throughout the summer in the region and can be quite strong at times. For those times we sail the south side, where we are protected from the waves but still get nice wind for sailing.

Cruise Highlights

The cruise starts from the bay of Provatas at 10:30 and makes its' first stop in Tsigrado, one of the islands' most famous beaches, largely because of the difficult access since to get there you have to climb down a rope and a 4 meter ladder!!! Easier to get there by boat, don't you think? Tsigrado's crystal clear turquoise waters are amazing and offer beautiful snorkeling. After having our breakfast, we continue to the other side of Tsigrado peninsula to visit the beautiful beach of Gerakas, accessible only by sea. Each stop is about ½ hour.
Next we sail to Kleftiko which even in the strongest of winds provides excellent shelter. Here we will spend 2 1/2 hours swimming, snorkeling and, after having our lunch, we will explore Kleftiko caves with our dinghy and take lovely souvenir photos. We make one last stop in the bay of Gerontas, one of the nicest beaches on the island, with a 10 meter tall volcanic arch, and great rock diving spots!

We return to Provatas around 19:00.
Cruise 3

Kimolos & Round of Polyaigos

Discover the unspoilt beauty of Polyaigos

Our cruise starts from Adamas at 10:00 or the port of Pollonia in Milos at 11:00 and returns to Pollonia at 18:30. During these hours we will show you the best of the two islands. This cruise is made during July and August, two days per week, every Tuesday and Wednesday but is also available privately from April to October.

The south-west part of the Cyclades is truly one of the best in Greece. Created by the same volcano that created Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos do not feel intimidated by their large neighbor. On the contrary, the beauty of these islands is remarkable with clear waters, caves and rock formations that will amaze you. And the best part is that these are unspoilt by large crowds.

Cruise Highlights

Our first stop is Kimolos and a small cove with crystalline waters called Goupa. Around the small beach we see ‘Syrmata’, the typical houses of the region, constructed as boat garages into the soft rock with colourful doors.
We then head for Polyaigos passing 'Diamantospilia' a very tall and impressive cave on the north of the island, big enough to fit the whole sailing boat if the weather allows it.
Next stop is Faros, a sheltered bay to the east, with magnificent turquoise waters and colourful rocks. Our stay here lasts 1 hour, enough to enjoy our swim and have the traditional ouzo and ‘meze’.
Sailing close to the island we reach Galazia Nera (blue waters). The transparency and fluorescent color of the sea are beyond words. In our 1½ hours here, we have the chance to snorkel, enjoy lunch and relax.
Before we get back we stop for a last swim in Pounda, a bay at the west side of the island with light blue water and a sandy beach.
*Cruise itineraries are subject to change depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.

Private cruises

Are you looking for a romantic getaway or a special event, birthday party, honeymoon cruise or even a wedding proposal?
Charter the boat privately, and spend a day at sea with just your friends or family! Our cruises are normally from 10am to around 7pm. Nonetheless, since you will have the boat to yourselves you can start or return a bit earlier or later if you like.
As per the itinerary and stops you can plan this together with our skipper or just leave it on us since we know how to show our guests a good time. If you have a special preference between sailing Milos or Polyaigos, choose from the option box below.


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