Discover Kimolos and Poliegos

Explore the beauty of Poliegos, the largest uninhabited island in Greece...

The south-west part of the Cyclades is truly one of the best in Greece. Created by the same volcano that created Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos do not feel intimidated by their large neighbor. On the contrary, the beauty of these islands is remarkable with clear waters, caves and rock formations that will amaze you. And the best part is that these are unspoilt by large crowds.
  • Departure: 11:00 from Pollonia
  • Return : 19:00 at Pollonia
  • Highlights: Diamantospilia, Faros, Galazia Nera
  • Max number of passengers: 10
  • Available: Sunday to Tuesday, May to September


Our cruise starts from Pollonia at 11:00 where it returns at 18:30. During these hours we will show you the best of the two islands, Kimolos and Poliegos, the largest uninhabited island, but home to some of the best beaches in Greece!!!
Our first stop is Kimolos and a small cove with crystalline waters called Goupa. Around the small beach, we see ‘Syrmata’, the typical houses of the region, constructed as boat garages into the soft rock with colourful doors.

We then head for Polyaigos passing 'Diamantospilia' a very tall and impressive cave on the north of the island, big enough to fit the whole sailing boat if the weather allows a slow approach!!
Next stop is Faros, a sheltered bay to the east, with magnificent turquoise waters and colourful rocks. Our stay here lasts 1 hour, enough to enjoy our swim and have the traditional ouzo and ‘meze’.
Sailing close to the island we reach Galazia Nera (blue waters). The transparency and fluorescent color of the sea are beyond words. In our 1½ hours here, we have the chance to snorkel, enjoy lunch and relax.
Before we get back we stop for a last swim in Pounda, a bay on the west side of the island with light blue water and a sandy beach.
*Cruise itineraries are subject to change depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.


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