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Discover Kimolos and Polyaigos (Poliegos)

Explore the beauty of Poliegos, the largest uninhabited island in Greece...

When strong southerlies blow in the area, a swell rolls in the south side of the island that makes it uncomfortable to stay for long time in any south bay including Kleftiko and its caves. In this case we prefer to sail the north side of the island and visit the islands of Kimolos and Polyaigos.
This is a beautiful itinerary, very different than the west milos one, with more sandy beaches compared to the mostly rocky volcanic landscapes of the Southwest Milos. The best part of this itinerary is that the places we visit are unspoilt by large crowds.
Created by the same volcano that created Milos, Kimolos and Poliegos (Polyaigos) do not feel intimidated by their large neighbor. On the contrary, the beauty of these islands is remarkable with clear waters, caves and white sand beaches that will amaze you.
This cruise is made as a replacement of our Discover Milos or Round of Milos & Polyaigos catamaran cruise when the weather does not allow sailing the north and/or west side of the island. It is not available for booking online.
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  • Departure: 10:00am from Adamas
  • Highlights: Kimolos, Diamantospilia, Faros (Poliegos), Mirsini (Poliegos)
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Max number of passengers: 10 or 16 (if booked with NIKI L)
  • Not available online for semiprivate bookings.
  • Made when strong south winds are blowing.
  • Itinerary available for private cruising on demand.


Our cruise starts from Adamas at 10am. The first part of our trip consists of sightseeing in the bay of Adamas. Sailing close to the east coast of the bay, we will pass the first Christian catacombs and the colourful villages of Skinopi, Klima, the capital of ancient Milos and where the statue of Venus de Milo was discovered, Areti and Fourkovouni. While you take beautiful photos you can also learn some historical facts about the island, as a part of our guided tour. We will then reach the ‘Arkoudes’, the impressive 20ft bear-shaped rocks at the entrance of the bay to the east and continue sailing east along the north side of the island.

Our next stop is Glaronisia, the seagull islands. This uninhabited island is a rare geological phenomenon consisting, completely, of hexagonal shaped lava rocks. This will be our first swim stop.

Our next stop is Kimolos and a small cove with crystalline waters called Goupa. Around the small beach, we see ‘Syrmata’, the typical houses of the region, constructed as boat garages into the soft rock with colourful doors.

We then head for Polyaigos passing 'Diamantospilia' a very tall and impressive cave on the north of the island, big enough to fit the whole sailing boat if the weather allows a slow approach!
Next stop is Faros, a sheltered bay to the east, with magnificent turquoise waters and colourful rocks, for many the best beach in the Southwestern Cyclades. Our stay here lasts 1½ hour, enough to enjoy our swim and have our lunch.

Before we start making our way back we make a stop for a last swim in Mirsini, a bay on the west side of the island with light blue water and a sandy beach.
*Cruise itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.


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