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Explore Milos Like Never Before

Known as the island of colors, Milos is a land of volcanoes and dramatic coastline featuring hot springs, colorful and surreal rock formations and attractively old fashioned fishing villages. There are almost 75 large and small spectacular beaches with clear crystal blue and turquoise waters which can be best explored with catamaran cruises. Polco Sailing, as an award winning cruise operator and private charter company since 1985 offers 40' catamaran with capacity of only 10 persons to enjoy your tours to the fullest. The catamaran cruises are spacious and extremely comfortable for long tours.

With catamaran private charter tours you can enjoy 10 hrs sailing trips in small groups around Milos and the neighboring islands of Kimolos & Poliegos. Kleftiko, Galazia Nera and Gerakas are the highlights of the trip. These are remote beaches and are famous for Blue waters in Poliegos. The transparency and fluorescent color of the water is simply so beautiful and thus said to be the best beaches in the whole Greece. Kleftiko is the most famous place in Milos for both its beauty and history. Kleftiko, meaning “a place of thieves”; was once actually used by pirates for hideout. Apart from its interesting history, the place is also known for having unique combination of white and grey rocks that makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can complete your experience of snorkeling here with underwater passages, caves and unsurpassed water clarity.

The trip can be private or semi-private according to your requirement. The catamaran charter tours are available four days a week - Wednesday to Saturday. The most favorable time during the year is between June and September. This is the time when whether and temperature both are favorable for sailing and snorkeling. You can plan something special for your loved ones and make the trip really memorable you will cherish forever.


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